Letters to Christine #2

Dear Christine,

It has only been one week or so since I’d last written one of these letters, and I feel as though in that short span of time we have somehow become more intertwined than even the most virile rabbits amid a fierce mating season. The personalities, while different in its superficial disposition, are miraculously similar in it’s rudiments. The mutual attraction, obvious in our myriad bedroom fumbles, is–I suspect–as strong as can possibly be between those of opposing sexes. With all these correspondents in mind, I am inclined to wonder if the term soul mate is accurate in describing what I imagine you may become to me.

While I am a trifle hesitant to brand you as my soul mate due to the restraints set upon me by life experiences, I will say that I have never felt more existentially connected to another woman other than yourself. Even after merely a few weeks of contact I feel as though we have covered more ground vocally, spiritually and sexually in our short acquaintance than most others can in several months, and as we continue to have our nightly discussions, guard shack smooches and weekend indulgences I look forward to verifying if my suspicions about the term listed above is true.

The key point in our recent dates seem to add evidence to these suspicions. Particularly, our card games in which I watched you undress to the marvelous sounds of Erik Satie and Shostakovich after repeatedly demolishing you in gin rummy. The stage was set for intimacy, and we acted upon it by sharing our thoughts and feelings about a variety of rather serious topics and contrasting that with clumsy dancing which culminated in innumerable kisses, gropes, an unfinished card game and a sensational night (and morning) in my bedroom.

After that morning my feelings for you officially began to take root, especially in the moments after I so boldly cast aside the false sexual “pledge” of abstinence I’d confided to you after telling me your secret. In the moments, days, and weeks following, those feelings have not waned, but have grown to a point of near inflation–touching upon a peak of feeling which I have only

Despite the contents of this letter, it is not my intention to dedicate this letter to recapping our memorable experiences with one another. Though the thanksgiving we shared was one of a kind and our ice skating adventure was undoubtedly exciting (save for your devastating belly flop into the ice) you made me aware that you’d like these letters to express feelings rather than memories. I recall you lightheartedly reproaching my first letter for its lack of feeling and intimacy, but know that when it comes to the complex feelings involved in associations with a seemingly ideal partner, I am still a novice. Even if you still hold similar feelings about this particular letter, know that I am putting my best attempt at pouring my heart out to you for the sole purpose of filling yours.

Being a man of logic, I am actively going against my nature by even attempting to describe the complexities of my emotions. But with every kind deed I witness from you and every reference to the future that we could have, I find it that much easier to recognize the long subdued feelings and manifest them in a way which is palpable.